It is particularly important to me that at the very beginning of the client relationship there be clarity about my rates and fees. I firmly believe that nobody should ever have to forgo qualified legal advice because of an ungrounded anxiety about potential lawyers' fees, nor should anybody at any time be surprised by them.

Consequently, I base the calculation of my rates and fees for legal counsel and representation in proceedings before court on an hourly rate or the transparently regulated specific fee criteria of the Austrian Statute on Lawyers' Tariffs (Rechtsanwaltstarifgesetz) and the General Criteria for Professional Fees (Allgemeine Honorar-Kriterien) (see Legislation); the references for which you may find on the homepage of the Austrian Bar Association (www.rechtsanwaelte.at).

It goes without saying that we may discuss in detail any costs you can expect for services rendered and potential judicial costs. Should you require my services in a clear-cut case such as a real estate transaction or an amicable divorce, we may also agree on a lump-sum fee.

For contested court proceedings the following applies: a process is an investment in your rights. Who is to bear the costs of the proceedings ultimately depends on who wins. As an economically-minded attorney it is my responsibility to assess the risk of the procedure and to decide together with you whether the investment is worthwhile and how the process can be efficiently managed.

For an initial consultation limited to 50min I ask 200 euro. Please be sure to stipulate this rate when making an appointment for an initial consultation with me. During this initial consultation, we may be able to clarify what the legal issue in your particular case is, the laws and regulations governing it, what the best legal action specific to the case may be, the time limits to be observed, the options available to you; and from this, we may be able to more specifically determine what potential costs may be involved in your case. As the saying goes: be careful not to be penny wise but pound foolish!