International Families & National Challenges

International Families & National Challenges

Statistics show that in approximately 25 to 30% of marriages legalised in Austria, at least one of the spouses is not Austrian. Together with increasing migration and mobility within Europe, international family law questions are constantly arising: Which states are responsible for a decision on maintenance or divorce? What is the law? Are foreign judgments recognized in Austria; concomitantly are Austrian decisions recognised abroad? What happens to the children?

As early as 2007, I focussed on these topics: together with Prof. Dr. M. Neumayr, Vice-President of the OGH, I wrote the book "International Family Law", published by Facultas; a comprehensive but also practical book which covers all aspects of international jurisdiction and applicable law as well as recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments: from marriage, to childbirth law (including child abduction), to divorce, asset sharing and maintenance. This book has been well received both as a scientific and practical work;  and it is regularly used by courts to resolve international family law problems. The second edition of the book was published in autumn 2017.

What I could do for you:

    Representation in transnational divorce proceedings

    Enforcement or defence of transnational maintenance claims

    Drafting of internationally valid marriage contracts

    Advice on international adoptions

    Representation in the transnational visiting law and care procedure

    Cross-border mediation

    Representation in cases of child abduction

    Advice in cases of surrogacy (see also the article in the "Date")

The following menu pages provide you with additional information about the most frequently asked questions in international family law.

Crossborder divorce

Crossborder support

International child law

Child abduction

Surrogacy and related agreements